Here’s What Others are Saying…

I have to tell you that you folks have been unbelievably wonderful. I don’t know if I’ve ever worked with an easier crew in my 37 years. I just want you to know how much I really appreciate your help.

Testimonial from Syracuse, NY

We just wanted to tell you that you did an outstanding job yesterday at trial. Very well done!

Testimonial from Kingston, Pa.

We use Varsha Desai on future medical costs. She does a tremendous job at a very reasonable rate.

Testimonial from Kingston, Pa.

The nurses were able to break down a huge amount of records into a tool that our experts could use to review the records and save us money on expert time.

Testimonial from Philadelphia, Pa.

We both wanted to tell you how pleased we were with your report and your testimony at trial. Defense counsel, as you experienced, can be very difficult to deal with, but you handled him very well and very professionally.

Testimonial from Scranton, Pa.

Your assistance is invaluable with getting cases evaluated and summarized.

Testimonial from Pottsville, Pa.

Your quick turnaround helps us evaluate a potential case and get back to the client with an answer and explanation of the significant events and facts of the case.

Testimonial from Philadelphia, Pa.

The medical cost projection helps to identify all the costs to be considered following an injury and assists in mediation of the case.

Testimonial from Pittsburgh, Pa.

Your breakdown of the records provided the judge an easy way to note the significant events that highlight what happened to our clients and the favorable points of our case.

Testimonial from Woodbridge, Pa.

Your nurses reviewers are always available to me should I have questions and the working atmosphere is both professional, cordial and shows a great deal of passion for the medical-legal issues presented.

Testimonial from Philadelphia, Pa.

I can tell you that every expert that who has reviewed the records and chronological grids, from your nurses, has personally advised that their charges were much lower because they were able to utilize the grid and the records to reach their conclusions.

Testimonial from Philadelphia, Pa.

Thank you! Your report helped us obtain a significant 7 figure combined result for both clients. Thanks for your hard work.

Testimonial from Media, Pa.