Nurse Case Management

casemanagementOur nurse case managers work with individuals during litigation, after litigation when trusts or funding has been established and with individuals in our community.

Case Management will assist your client in utilizing the available resources in the most cost effective
manner to preserve funding for the future.

Nurse case managers collaborate with the client, guardian or family and healthcare providers to develop and implement a plan to ensure your client’s needs are served through assessment, planning and monitoring outcomes.


Nurse case managers can assist with the following:

  1. Select and negotiate with providers of medical equipment
  2. Develop budgets for petition to the courts
  3. Attend medical appointments and provide advocacy
  4. Collaborate and communicate with the current health care providers regarding clients medical status
  5. Assist the family or guardian with selection of a long term care facility
  6. Assist the family or guardian with selection of home health care providers
  7. Set up transportation needs